My Conversation With Maria

“He leadeth counselors away spoiled, and maketh the judges fools.”
– Job 12:17

Maria: How can someone be a judge to another?

Me: “Someone” can not judge another, it is only God who can. However, one may have the right to “judge” without sinning if he has permission from the Chief Judge our Father.

Maria: How can we know if someone has this permission?

Me: If he is sure of himself his judgment is borne of pure righteousness and without bias, and if it is profitable for the soul of the one being “judged”, and not to harm him.

Maria: Hmmm. Whoever is sure of himself is in for the ride in the world of illusions always.

Me: It is not ourselves who can say if we are sure of what we are about to do or say to another. If you know that your words or action will not lift you up in pride, but will profit the other, both his body and soul, then it is an assurance from above that it is OK to proceed with what you will do or say against another.

Maria: What should be the basis for all that?

Me: The basis of that is not the height of your title or position, but the strength of humility in your heart; not the measure of your intelligence, but the weight of ignorance of your soul. For the more we look up to our position in society, the lesser is our humility and the more the soul loses its innocence from evil.

Maria: That’s the problem, how can one measure the degree of innocence? Where will you pattern the right path?

Me: To man, wickedness is like pebbles; righteousness is heavy rocks. One can’t bear the weight of the rocks, while he can easily bring about the pebbles. Hand one a bucket, which is his “words and deeds” and let him fill it with his pebbles and rocks on hand. There you will be able to measure his degree of innocence from evil. For surely a hundred pebbles will fit in his bucket, yet the rocks will just be a few.

Maria: Can you believe this archangel friend of mine who said that any righteousness we do are never counted?

Me: If one is filled with so much wickedness, how can his righteous deeds be counted? How can you measure the amount of water of righteousness you throw in the fire of wickedness?

Maria: How can you tell one is wicked when he is always doing what is right? You are giving measurements without enough definition.

Me: Madam, saying that righteousness does not benefit one is already a sign of evil. I don’t have to know his righteous deeds. Just by him saying that, means he doubts God already. Because when you say your righteous deeds are ignored by the Father, so too then your evil deeds are, and therefore you will say it is fine to do them as well.

Maria: We are not considering just talk here, mister. To make it simple, let’s assume that for a while a man has been doing what is right all his life. Can you accept if all of those won’t be counted in the heavens?

Me: Saying one’s good deeds are ignored by God is like saying a rainbow doesn’t know how many colors it has. If you’ve been doing what is righteous all your life and yet you think they are not counted in heaven, what is the purpose then of you doing them? Even feelings are guided by the Holy Spirit, and so are our deeds. What is the use of your guide then if it is not for the sake of your soul? Even angels make mistake, it is only God who doesn’t. God will not teach of righteousness and will not despise evil if He ignores them entirely… and if He doesn’t love us, [unless that man is condemend by God the Father already, so the Holy Spirit does not abide in him and his righteousness is no longer divine but worldly, and which, in accordance to your question, is no longer counted in the heavens].


One thought on “My Conversation With Maria

  1. anat says:

    To my loyal subjects,
    The one and only true goddess implores your tolerance here.guy’s a friend to your king and each of you should give him appropriate breathing space to express his “literature”

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