Summary of God’s Truths

Everyday I gain new insights in the Truth of the Father, our Creator, our One and Only God. In order for each and everyone of us to not forget His Truths, and so that we will be reminded of these Truths everyday of our lives, I decided to post them in summary form for quick reference. We all know, the whole Truth is more than we can imagine, that is why one can only learn about them in bits and pieces, every moment of our lives. The purpose of this reference section is like a jigsaw puzzle, putting the pieces together bit by bit, until the end of our existence. For you to completely understand the whole picture of the puzzle, pray that the Holy Spirit will reside in you, and the Words of God will be a lot more comprehensible to your soul.

1. GOD, being the Creator of all, is in control of everything as well: our lives, our fate, our next life after this (IF ever there will be, depending on His judgment upon YOU). There is no such thing as: FREEDOM or COINCIDENCE.

2. To enter the Kingdom of Heaven, one must suffer greatly in this life, in this human flesh, just like the way Jesus Christ has shown us by His sufferings, death and resurrection in this world. Jesus even said it is easier for a camel to enter a needles eye than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. For where the treasure of a man is, that is where his heart is also. Entering the kingdom of heaven is not SIMPLE and EASY as it sounds!

3. Success in this life (in the flesh) does not equate to salvation of our souls. All excessive material and financial gains in this world DOES NOT come from GOD; for God only gives His chosen ones enough to survive on a daily basis, just like how He feeds the birds. The more wealth you possess, the more you have to wonder where they came from! The devil will pour upon you excessive wealth if he likes what you are doing in life, even if you don’t do any crime or grievous act at all, just by you forgetting about God and your duty to God, and forgetting you have a “soul”, are more than enough.

4. Praying and going to church, even on a daily basis, does not constitute a true service to God. Quantity does not matter, What matters is the quality of your prayers and your faith in HIM, and what you DO afterwards.

5. God, and before Him there is no other god, is a jealous God. He wants you to love Him more than anything else, more than your husband or wife, more than your children, and most especially more than your earthly life. If you love yourself more than Him, you are doomed to hell. For loving oneself means you love the pleasures your flesh is experiencing in this world.

6. The law of man is nothing to worry about, it is the law of God that we must realize. Be forgiving, if someone sinned against you, the matter must not be brought to the judge of the flesh, but only to God who is the true Judge of all. The Truth hurts more than the reality around you!

7. Be generous, hospitable and be humble ALWAYS! Give to the needy, feed the hungry, and shelter the homeless, even if they are your enemy. For God will greatly enrich your soul!

8. Never ever blame God for the bad things that are going on in your life, but never ever thank God only for the good things you experience in this life. Thank God always, for the good and the bad things, both for the great and simple things in your life, for God only gives what is good for the soul, not for the flesh. If you look for pleasure in this life, you shall receive it, for the devil will always be by your side. But if you look for the salvation of your soul, ask God sincerely. But I warn you, the path towards salvation won’t be that easy, like climbing up a rocky mountain with bare hands. But towards pleasure? Everything will be full of comfort and enjoyment, like a child playing on a slide, but the landing platform will be no other than hell.

May you learn to Love, Glorify, Praise, and Honor God in fullness of your faith and the wholeness of your soul, now and until the end of our days! Amen.