Why Jesus Sacrificed His Human Body

God loved us FIRST since man was created. But after man got sour when the first two women were tainted by Samael, God forsaken the ancient race as it was “faulty” in His eyes including both the fallen angels and their offspring the nephilims. However, God showed His true sons and daughters His undying love and mercy, starting with taking care of Adam and Eve and their righteous generations even if they were driven out of paradise.

Even before the time of Cain, God’s temper had been tested by the minions of Samael, and continued on even after the generations of Seth, the first son of Adam and Eve, primarily with the inter-marriage between the watchers and human females, so He sent the flood and spared Noah.

More chances given to us afterwards, and the greatest of which is the death of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many of us ask why would God allow His beloved Son to be crucified. However, if you look at it on a fleshly perspective, we would ask ourselves that if the Father cares so much about His Son’s “earthly” life or His human body, would He even consider allowing His Son to suffer so much in the hands of evil and be crucified?

The truth is, God doesn’t worry about our human body, only our Spirit, because God knows the flesh will never ever be perfect in His eyes! So even His own Son Jesus Christ He allowed to suffer and die as a ransom sacrifice, not just for the sake of man, but to show us an example that the FLESH, even of His own Son, DOES NOT matter to Him at all! And Jesus proved to us that the Spirit can overcome the flesh.

What matters to Him is the perfection of our souls through sufferings of the flesh! And Jesus, the most perfect of all, is now by His right hand. Therefore whatever we do in this world, if we follow the path of evil or righteousness, God doesn’t care much! But if you continue the faith, no matter how hard it takes, which is what He had been teaching us since the time of Adam, then the reward will be His kingdom. Sounds simple indeed, but very, very difficult to achieve!

So you see, even though God knows already the fate of each and everyone of us, either hell (even if you cry out “Lord, Lord, Lord!” every minute of your remaining life on earth) or eternal life with Him, He is still on the lookout and guiding and helping, just enough to survive on a daily basis, all of His elects, who number just a few, those whom He alotted a portion of His Kingdom. In order to show the pre-judged fallen angels turned demons, and their principal Samael (who’s been fooling the human race with the pseudonym of satan, lucifer or the devil), who God really is!

If God wants to destroy all of His creations right now, He can do so in a blink of an eye regardless of the prophecies left behind. But God, as proven in His past covenants, is very true to His word, so He still allows the human race, including those pathetic demons, to co-exist in this world until His given time which He had promised to His saints in the past as written in the Holy Scriptures. One, because not all of His elects have been saved already and are still suffering in the hands of the demons (which God allows to happen, as form their self-sacrifice in the flesh to make perfect their souls); and second because God still wants to show these demons how pathetic they are fooling and tempting the wicked human race, who are mostly destined to hell!


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