In Oneness With The Father

If I am one with Jesus as Jesus is one with the Father, therefore I too am one with Him. If God is in me and I am one with Him, then God controls everything that is in me and beyond me: my thoughts and emotions, my words and actions, my fate and destiny. If nothing is impossible with God and He controls me, then there is nothing I can not do if and only if God will allow. Even satan therefore can only do things to me if and only if God will allow; there is nothing satan can do to me without God’s permission. In other words, if God controls satan and me as well, then these demons and their prince I could possibly control as well if and only if God will allow because God is in me.

What is then the use of desiring anything on my own when everything the flesh desires leads to damnation, instead of just letting God – who is in me and whom I am one with – desire for myself since God knows what is best for me and would never want anything to harm me (unless God will allow harm to try me)? Isn’t my life this so simple, when everything I just need to do is depend upon my Creator and not worry about anything when He knows already everything that is best for me? Why would I settle for anything of this world when everything I need and would ever want have already been prepared by God in the world to come? Even so, God my Father, please bless me still whilst in this life. Amen.


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