True Love And Relationships

I may seem to be in love with a woman because she is a woman of beautiful image and stature. I may be married to a woman because the law of man dictates we are married in writing based on the written law of man. However, if I love a woman and she loves me back, I will only consider myself united to her if God united us by His grace, not by what the law of marriage requires. But even if we are united by God, I do not consider her to be my wife nor must she consider me also as her husband. Because true children of God are not given in marriage (Luke 20:35) and no matter the language of man speaks, we both have one true husband who is our Creator (Isaiah 54:5).

I do not love a woman though by what I see on her body but what I see in her soul. For if God is inside her then it is Him whom I love and not truly her, neither her flesh. For if it is not God who is inside her, yet I love her still, then I love (and lust for) the flesh and the one whom the flesh belongs to: the flesh belongs to this world, and this world belongs to the prince of evil. Therefore I love evil if I love the flesh, and not God who resides in her, if ever God is in her. But if God is not present in her, no matter how beautiful she is from the outside, then I can not truly love her ever.

Since God is love (1 John 4:16), because God loved us first (1 John 4:19), how can we say we love each other if God is not in us? If we say we love each other, yet God is not in both of us, then it is not true love that we feel. And that kind of feeling is not going to last, and our relationships will only lead to dissatisfaction, disputes, distrust, disagreements, disunity. Because it is only the love that is God that will truly bind us together forever: our union that is made by God and of God; the love that is in us when God is present in both of us. If God is not in us then it is not love that we feel, and we will never know what love truly is. But if God is in us, we will always understand each other no matter what the situation dictates.


4 thoughts on “True Love And Relationships

  1. For Aramiel says:

    You are limited. You do not understand love. You will not understand conquering the flesh, no matter how many times you insist.

    Our vessels are can never be limited to light. You will never understand this.

  2. larrimar says:

    No one and nothing is unlimited, only God. Nobody understands true love, only love itself: only God understands Himself. Understanding of the flesh – which I am discussing – is different from the Understanding that is from God. No one can conquer the flesh, only Jesus did. I am not insisting anything, only I am realizing bit by bit. Who can understand anything? If both the fallen and divine angels never understood, what more myself who is in the flesh? How could I understand light if I am in darkness? If light is limited in itself, what more of who we are?

  3. For Aramiel says:

    There is understanding within those things we cannot understand.
    If we understand why we cannot understand, we then have perfection.

  4. larrimar says:

    Indeed, the ultimate understanding that comes only from God. However, you are wrong. You are wrong to say that when we understand why we can not understand is a sign of perfection. Let me explain the word perfection.

    I understand why there are things I can not understand, but I can not accept myself to be perfect because of that attribute. Even in binary programming, positive (1) AND negative (0) results to negative (0). In case of myself, I understand (1) but I am not perfect (0) because I am in the flesh, therefore there can be no perfection in me at all (0). Only Jesus is perfect in the flesh or in the physical world (1) and only the Holy Spirit is perfect (1) in the spiritual realm. One positive (Jesus) and another positive (Holy Spirit) results to a totality of perfection (GOD, the One and Only).

    Here now is the true meaning of perfection. If God (1) is in me (0) therefore we are 1 and 0 combined resulting in the number 10 or symbol of perfection. I am not emphasizing numerology though, only I am exemplifying through numbers because it is easier to understand, due to the limitation of the human perception.

    Positive + Negative polarities = Perfect attraction. Jesus (perfect) + Me (imperfect) = Perfection. In other words, perfection exists only because there is imperfection. You can only understand perfection or unbounded if you accept and understand that there is imperfection or limitation. God (unlimited) and man (limited) creates perfection. Not God and angels, neither angels and man.

    In summary, perfection is the next world, the next life, where the chosen ones (man and divine angels brought together as one and similar creations) living side by side with the Father.

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