On Power, Popularity and Possessions

If God will say to me, “I will make you a great king and I will give you power to rule over the world, and your name shall be known to many. Then you will live happily, filled with so much good things in life.”

I will reply to my LORD:

Father, you alone are great and you possess the greatest power there is. What is the use then of giving me such greatness and having such power and authority over the world, when I am your son and I know you will send your legion of holy angels to protect me when I am in need of your protection?

Make me the weakest of all your creations instead, for when I am weak I know you will always be my side to defend and protect me from those who hunger for power. If I am great my throne will be like a golden sepulchre wherein underneath lies my decaying corpse, left alone to waste, forgotten by your care and mercy. I prefer more your presence in me Father to defend me against my enemies, rather than the gift of power to defend myself in times of trouble but I know I will be like a solitary storm poured out to dry on a barren land.

Make me unknown Lord, and make my name hardest to remember, for in popularity many are deceived and will idolize me, leading myself unto my own destruction. I would rather be a meek and lowly servant of yours, my Almighty God, than a conceited master of many foolish servants.

Do not spice up my life with so much happiness Father, only contentment, sprinkled with some pain and loneliness. For in times of happiness I become careless, wherefore I stumble in my way to finding your wisdom and remembering your grace. I would rather be lonely and hurting all the time, for in moments of sufferings, I remember you always and I tend to depend on you and you alone. I love you more and more Father whenever I am lonely and hurting inside. Please do not let my love for you stop from ever growing by being happy and easy in this life.

I do not imagine myself, Father, being secured and contented with so much possessions in this world, for they tend to steal my heart from you and I incline to be afraid of losing them and to be protective of them instead of keeping your love and protecting my own soul so as not to perish.

I do not need good things in this life, Father, only things that I need to accomplish my mission you have assigned me and to be able to effectively perform my duty to you. There is nothing good in this world my Lord, only you and in the next world to come, where all the unimaginable goodness from your grace have been prepared for me for all eternity.