John 11:25 Demystified

Let’s demystify John 11:25

John 11:25-26 Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?”

ImageThe problem with most Christians is when they read this verse, they would quickly answer yes without understanding the question, and they take it too literal that’s why they couldn’t comprehend the real meaning of HIS words.

When Jesus said HE is the resurrection, it means HE has power over death. When HE said HE is life, it means HE, too, has power over the living. Even though we die in the flesh, we still live in HIM in spirit. And if we are still alive, we shall never die in spirit, but not literally in, as most of us mistaken it to, the flesh.

But the tricky part here is in the word “BELIEVING”. When a christian dies and finds himself or herself in hell, he or she would question the LORD: “Why am I here? You said when I believe in you I will never die? I believed you and I worshipped you every sunday. I gave my 10% tithes and offerings from my salary. I joined cell groups and we study the bible every week. My life was focused on you. I stopped smoking and drinking because I followed your every commandment. I did good things to honor you. BUT WHY AM I HERE? YOU ARE SO UNFAIR, LORD.”

The LORD will simply reply to him or her: “I DON’T KNOW YOU!”

You see my brothers and sisters and friends, don’t ever expect that when you “believe” in Jesus, and do good things, that’s an assurance that you are saved already. The kind of “belief” or faith that the LORD expects is not as simple as you think it is. Going back to the verse, notice how many times JESUS mentioned “believe”?

HE mentioned “believe” three times! It’s like saying “are you actually, definitely, precisely sure you understood Jesus?” To answer this question, let’s look at the verse how Martha answered Jesus:

John 11:27 She said to Him, “Yes, Lord, I believe that You are the Christ, the Son of God, who is to come into the world.”

Now why was Martha’s answer seemed out of context to HIS question? She believes HE is the LORD “Who is to come into the world”? Actually, it is way beyond the supposed answer we all might provide to HIS question. But her answer is good because Jesus’ question was not to be answered literally, for HIS statement is way beyond what we all thought it was supposed to be. In fact there is no answer to HIS question. When I say there is no answer, it means the LORD is not expecting everyone to answer it because doing so will only condemn you as liar!

Now going back to verse 27, in response to the LORD, noticed Martha didn’t just say yes; she named the LORD with three titles as well: “Christ”, “Son of GOD”, and “Who is to come into the world” (Judge/Redeemer). It means, how deep Martha looked at and revered the LORD is as deep as the statements of the LORD were.

Back to the original verse in discussion, what is then that we need to “believe” in and how can we prove our faith in it?

When Jesus first mentioned believe, it means “KNOWING”. The second time he mentioned “lives and believes”, it means “DOING”. And the third and last means “ENDURING”.

1. We must KNOW everything that needs to be believed in HIM. Read and understand HIS every commandment in the new testament: HIS every word, every punctuation!

2. We must DO everything that HE commands. Do you know everything? NO! Because what you hear from your pastors are NOT from the LORD! I’m not a child when it comes to church services, and all I hear from pastors are oh so beautiful in the ears! So easy to do, so easy to follow, so heartwarming to hear! But if you look at the life of Jesus, I don’t read anything so beautiful that happened in HIS earthly body. All HE experienced were sufferings and persecutions. And then you are going tell me you believe and will follow Jesus? Come on! This is what I meant when I said John 11:26 must not be answered or else you will be deemed a liar!

3. We must ENDURE until the end to be worthy of HIS Kingdom. Knowing and doing HIS will is not enough, satan is always on the look out on GOD’s elects. Watchful of every opportunity to test HIS children. No child of GOD will ever live in this world with no trials and sufferings, just like Jesus was. If GOD gives HIS children their daily bread, so does satan gives them their daily burden.

It doesn’t matter to the FATHER if we can not conquer the flesh as Jesus did (I mean being “nailed to the cross”), since we all are just human and the FATHER knows our weaknesses in the flesh. But what matters is we must carry our own crosses and endure til our last breath and keep our faith in HIM, do HIS will, remember HIM always and give prayers of praise and worship always, every hour, every minute, everywhere, no matter how hard our lives in this world. We must try our best to conquer evil temptations. Since flesh is evil, conquering evil is almost the same as conquering the flesh.

Remember, describing the kingdom of GOD is as easy as painting a picture (try googling “heaven photo”). But going there? You better think many, many, many times!


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