A Poem for the Fallen, from the Chosen

The Dramatic Fall, A Glorious Election:
A Poem for the Fallen, from the Chosen

If I was an angel, a divine creation of Yahweh,
I will do my duty, I will obey HIM unhesitatingly;
I will remain as I am, just the way HE created me
Keeping a persistent faith, then, until eternity.

When GOD designed our beginning, a sublime strategy
HE laid down HIS plans for all the spirits to see
By HIS own hands he formed a unique entity
In HIS own image and likeness, HE created “me.”

But even before HE formed the dust to be
A man, and even before HE breathed life into me;
A weakling HE loved, I became a reason of envy
Filled they were with hate, pride, and will to be free.

For freedom, fought they, so fearlessly
Believing in the lies of a cherub, a principality
“We’re gods”, he said, “just like Yahweh”
“We’re as powerful.” So they all ought to be.

“I can do everything I want, unrestrictedly
I will ascend into heaven, higher than Yahweh
My throne will be the highest in all the assembly
Higher than the clouds, like the Most High I will be.”

So GOD formed the earth, for them a prison it will be
He made the third of the stars fall down hastily
Like lightning came the rebels, flashing intensely
Only to be imprisoned, in a dominion they claimed to be.

Then GOD made a paradise, a home only for me:
A Garden of Life, how pleasing and wonderful to see
There HE gave me everything, not wanting any
But the knowledge of truth, I was blinded to see.

And so the story goes, the serpent came tempting me
With all vile intentions gave convincing words of stimuli
“Just do what I say,” he said, “and you’ll be like me,
All-powerful, unlike you, a composition of fragility.”

First he seduced the woman, whence a seed line made he
Came the sons and daughters of gods, an image not like me
Powerful beings, stronger, so much different, obviously
Incomparable to my seed, from their shadows we flee.

By the power of my Creator, HE sent a group of Grigori
Watchers upon us, to not interfere, but keep us all in safety
Mesmerized by my daughters, they came falling on knee
Desired much the flesh, enthralled at their beauty.

Their leaders vowed to lust, began to inter-marry
A loathsome act they did, the heavens forbid so grievously
They taught men all the sciences: metallurgy, astronomy
Taught how to summon spirits, with magic, witchcraft, sorcery.

From their seed line came the nephilims: heroes of old, men of mighty
They began to fight each other, the land was filled with enmity
They spilled the blood of another, claimed the lands, their territory
They set themselves their domains, divided, set boundary

They practiced the immorality, from cannibalism to bestiality
They drank blood, they ate flesh, introduced a new sexuality
Men worshipped the titans: fallen gods of superficiality
They invented all kinds of religion: a wicked form of spirituality.

Wrathful, enraged by HIS servants’ incompetency
GOD flooded the earth and saved the last of humanity
From the last seed sprouted forth a new race of progeny
In which Abraham begot a generation, but now, where are we?

Same fools of the heavens, same spirits who are freely
Roaming upon the earth, seeking souls to devour so wickedly
Like water and oil, two seed lines blend in unanimity
“Until when?” I asked. HE said, “Till the land is empty.”

The earth succumbed to wickedness, all were living sinfully
But the Creator who loved me first, made me recognize HIS mercy
With HIS prophets HE promised, from this bondage I will be free
A Saviour will come to take me, from the faultiness of mortality.

A Messiah was born as prophesied– despised, ridiculed by many
In spite of all His miracles, they ignored Him disgustfully
He flooded them with love, selflessness and humility
They deluged Him with hate, contempt, great acrimony.

He taught them charity, but they learned nothing but hostility
He planted the seed of Truth, they trampled the fruits so scornfully
He made known our True GOD, yet they resorted to idolatry
They even crucified Him, yet in the end, He uttered sympathy.

From the generation of Moses, among the first chosen Israeli
Them who followed the covenant, them who ‘hanged Him on a tree’
Them whose father is satan, woe! Curse them did He
The sons and daughters of belial, the scribe, the pharisee.

Oh my LORD filled with glory, my GOD who had chosen me
Since the foundation of the world, even before all came to be
We are nothing you see, in HIM we became, and will end utterly
“There is no excuse,” HE said, “I wrote down your Guidelines, in its entirety.”

The end of this world, HE planned everything accordingly
On the day of my LORD, most will suffer bitterly
HE will reward the righteous, will punish the wicked horribly
HE will robe HIS elects with glory, the rest HE will torment in agony.

You cannot ask, “Lord, Lord, why do you punish me? Am I not worthy?
I gave you tithes, I worshipped you on Sabbath, did I not pray to thee?”
You cannot say, “I believed in you Lord!” Oh, you, whose name is hypocrisy!
“Depart from me,” HE will say, “I do not know you, worker of iniquity.”

Though I suffer in the flesh, but my Spirit is in gaiety
I’m hampered in this life, surrounded by countless enemy
I feel pain and I worry: out of sadness, and out of pity
Hoping the unsaved men and angels, just vanish with no memory.

If only GOD will wipe them out, simply, unquestionably
And spare them from the destroyer, from hades, literally
But who can measure the depths of the mind of Yahweh?
So let HIS will be done, we’re only HIS creations, in actuality.

Praise and worship to you my GOD: my One and Only
Thank you for your love, my Father, Creator Yahweh
To my Lord Jesus Christ, yours are all the glory
May your Spirit abide in me forever… So it be! So it be!

– Written by Larrimar Tia, Copyright by the Holy Spirit


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