Exposing the Power(less) of Satan – Series 2

I have heard a lot of pastors (who work for money, not for GOD) quoting verses in the Book of Job, but little – or should I say – none that they know of, there is a mysterious character in the Book of Job that was not actually part of the story of Job, and this character’s speeches were not actually part of the original Book of Job.

The character being mentioned here is Elihu (starting at Job chapter 32). According to The Jerusalem Bible, “Elihu’s intervention comes unexpectedly, nor is it referred to in the epilogue. Elihu’s argument, style and vocabulary are very different from those of the dialogue, and certain passages anticipate the speech of Yahweh. The speech of Elihu, therefore, seems to have been added to Job by another author.”

True enough, if you have wisdom from the Holy Spirit, you will be able to discern the doctrines presented by Elihu as misleading compared to the doctrines of the Lord Jesus Christ. And the doctrines of Elihu is comparable to the doctrines of satan, because in reality, Elihu is no other than Samael the devil himself.

We can prove that the speeches of Elihu is not part of the Book of Job from the following verses:

Job 42:7-9 When Yahweh had said all this to Job, he turned to Eliphaz of Teman. ‘I burn with anger against you and your two friends’ He said ‘for not speaking truthfully about me as my servant Job has done. So now find seven bullocks and seven rams, and take them back with you to my servant Job and offer a holocaust for yourselves, while Job, my servant, offers prayers for you. I will listen to him with favour and excuse your folly in not speaking of me properly as my servant Job has done.’ Eliphaz of Teman, Bildad of Shuah and Zophar of Naamath went away to do as Yahweh had ordered, and Yahweh listened to Job with favour.

As you can see in this portion of the Epilogue, Yahweh never mentioned the name Elihu, which only proves that Elihu is not part of the company of Job and his speeches were only inserted in the book.

And there is one very notable verse in the speech of Elihu that promotes worshipping of (guardian) angels, practiced by the Illuminati and the Masons and all the religions of the world, which explains that the author of Elihu’s speeches is the true satan Samael himself, key promoter of worshipping of false gods or fallen angels.

Job 33:23 Then there is an Angel by his side,
a Mediator, chosen out of the thousands,
to remind a man where his duty lies

We all know – should I say – only a select few know by heart, that there is only one Mediator: not an angel, but the Lord Jesus Christ alone.


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