What Your Church Doesn’t Teach – Part 1

“What Your Church Doesn’t Teach You In The Bible” Series
Part 1 – Not All (Only a Few) Will Be Saved

Luke 13:23-24 Someone said to Him, ‘Sir, will there be only a few saved?’ He said to them, ‘Try your best to enter by the narrow door, because, I tell you, many will try to enter and WILL NOT succeed.

From this verse alone, the Lord Jesus already made a finale conclusion. He said many ‘will not’, period; He never said they ‘may’ or ‘could’. So stop praying for the dead, for you are already as dead as your dead ones. If you could not save your own soul if it not through the Lord Jesus Christ, how can you save someone else’s soul? -LT

According to the Book of Romans
The Jerusalem Bible

Romans 8:28-30 We know that by turning everything to their good God co-operates with all those who love Him, with all those that He has called according to his purpose. They are the ones He chose specially long ago and intended to become true images of His Son, so that His Son might be the eldest of many brothers. He called those He intended for this; those He called He justified, and with those He justified He shared His glory.

Romans 8:33-34 Could any one accuse those that God has chosen? When God acquits, could anyone condemn? Could Christ Jesus? No! He not only died for us– He rose from the dead, and there at God’s right hand He stands and pleads for us.

Romans 9:6-8 Does this mean that God has failed to keep His promise? Of course not. Not all those who descend from Israel are Israel; not all the descendants of Abraham are his true children. Remember: It is through Isaac that your name will be carried on, which means that it is not physical descent that decides who are the children of God; it is only the children of the promise who will count as the true descendants.

Romans 9:11-16 In order to stress that God’s choice is free, since it depends on the one who calls, not on human merit, Rebecca was told: the elder shall serve the younger, or as scripture says elsewhere: I showed my love for Jacob and my hatred for Esau.

Does it follow that God is unjust? Of course not. Take what God said to Moses: I have mercy on whom I will, and I show pity to whom I please. In other words, the only thing that counts is not what human beings want or try to do, but the mercy of God.

Romans 9:18 In other words, when God wants to show mercy He does, and when He wants to harden someone’s heart He does so.

Romans 9:19-21 You will ask me, ‘In that case, how can God ever blame anyone, since no one can oppose His will?’ But what right have you, a human being, to cross-examine God? The pot has no right to say to the potter: Why did you make me this shape? Surely a potter can do what he likes with the clay? It is surely for him to decide whether he will use a particular lump of clay to make a special pot or an ordinary one?

Romans 9:22-24 Or else imagine that although God is ready to show His anger and display His power, yet He patiently puts up with the people who make Him angry, however much they deserve to be destroyed. He puts up with them for the sake of those other people, to whom He wants to be merciful, to whom He wants to reveal the richness of His glory, people He had prepared for this glory long ago. Well, we are those people; whether we were Jews or pagans we are the ones He has called.

Romans 11:3-8 Lord, they have killed your prophets and broken down your altars. I, and I only, remain, and they want to kill me. What did God say to that? I have kept for myself seven thousand men who have not bent the knee to Baal. Today the same thing has happened: there is a remnant, chosen by grace. By grace, you notice, nothing therefore to do with good deeds, or grace would not be grace at all!

What follows? It was not Israel as a whole that found what it was seeking, but only the chosen few. The rest were not allowed to see the truth; as scripture says: God has given them sluggish spirit, unseeing eyes and inattentive ears, and they are still like that today.


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