Phi and Fibonacci of our Souls


Phi the golden number. A point in existence that divides its totality where the ratio of the spiritual life segment to the whole existence is exactly the same as the ratio of the earthly life to the spiritual. The perfection of all God’s true creations: the chosen ones. A point in this life that divides the physical and spiritual. The barrier between the lower and higher consciousness. A point in life where I am at.

The Fibonacci series, the rate of incremental in the number of the elects brought to the consciousness represented by the golden ratio of Phi. Where one elect finding another, then both find others and then all does the same finding other elects numbering in the previous in the series: where all elects comes closer and closer to the golden number or point in existence when the Lord Jesus will come again. The signal when the life in this world embraces the next forming the wholeness of our existence.

The series of numbers of elects coming closer and closer to the golden point of consciousness: representation of God’s ultimate design and plan of our existence in this world.

Phi equates to infinity; Fibonacci, the path towards infinity. Phi is the infinite universe, light is the way in unfolding the vastness of space. Phi is perfection as the next world is the perfection of this present one. This life, this body, this physical world is the way towards achieving that perfection. Without passing through this series, this life, this light, we will not be able to achieve perfection of the soul, the unfolding of the mysteries of the infinite universe. Without this world we will never be able to come closer and closer to perfect consciousness, the next world after this.

Such as the case of the fallen spirits, lusting after the flesh, for without flesh they never understood their existence. And without experiencing the physical, they never came close to understanding their spiritual existence. And they never understood the wisdom of our Creator.

Unfortunately, going through the reverse leads only to damnation rather than starting in the proper beginning: physical to spiritual rather than the reverse. Like the series of Fibonacci can not be computed if you start from the greatest number to one; from the whole to the point of Phi. To understand existence, to unfold the vastness of the universe, to appreciate the spiritual, we must start from the basic, from the physical, in darkness we appreciate light, from void to reality. We must start from one: to compose the Fibonacci series and to reach the point of Phi.

We must start from the One: the Creator of everything in existence, and the designer of the master plan. We are like a drawing, erased due to our imperfection, and yet to be drawn again to perfection. A former reality coming to a new, perfect and eternal existence. As light is eternal in the next perfect world (not the same light in this present world), as such is the vessel of our souls: the next of who we are and what we will be.



Jose Rizal’s Revolution vs. Freemasons

Little did we know, our national hero was a mason, and he was not executed by the Spanish government because of inciting revolution against Spain. Jose Rizal was silenced by the masons, for his plans to divulge the secrets of the mason, the true revolution he wanted to occur against the tyranny of the inner masons who were ruling the world by means of false religions, technology, wealth, power, media and so on.

The facts is, Jose Rizal and some fellows went to Spain in order to become masons and to learn their secrets, which they brought here to the Philippines. In other words, they were among the first masons in the Philippines. Our Katipuneros were not fighting for the Philippines against Spain, because if they hated Spain so much, they would not have come to Spain and be highly respected by the Spanish community, up to a point wherein Rizal was erected a monument in Spain! Our Katipuneros were fighting for the Philippines against the agenda of the masons to control our country because of all the wealth our country possesses.

His book, Noli Me Tangere, which in English means “Touch Me Not”, he got from the book of John 20:17 “Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.”

Noli Me Tangere is not just a story about a woman called Maria Clara, and Maria is not a fictitious person nor a woman dear to Jose Rizal. It pertains literally to Maria Magdalena, a non-human disciple of the Lord Jesus, the Virgin Mary of the catholic, whom Rizal knew so much about because of the secrets he learned by a being a mason, because the masons worship Mary Magdalene as the Queen of heaven.

The verse above (John 20:17) is so important to the masons, and they may know, or at least they think they are sure of, the secret why the Lord Jesus did not want Him to be touched by Magdalene. And the reason why they held closely to this secret because that’s what they’re planning to use against the Lord Jesus upon His second coming. They think they, and the antichrist, can defeat the Lord Jesus Christ through what comprises the “Magdalene’s touch”.

And this just one of the secrets Jose Rizal was divulging which caused him to be silenced by the masons. The kind of secret so much truer and powerful, way beyond the half-baked truths and lies of the Freemason-Illuminati Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. Because if Brown’s revelations were true, he won’t live a single minute and his book will never rose to a best-selling novel.

The masons had all the reasons to execute Rizal because when you become a mason, you will swear an oath in front of the masonic bible not to reveal their secrets, or else, be punished by death. So to reveal their secrets, it had to come from a non-mason. Because although they can still assassinate anyone for revealing their secrets, member or non-member, executing a non-member becomes murder or illegal, but executing a member is legal as far as their own “constitution” is concerned.

The kind of “revolution” Jose Rizal and his fellows were concocting is what this world needs! This is the kind of revolution that can affect the course of this world! World wars will not do anything, because they are still concocted by the masons to implement their one world agenda.

Of course, this is only a “temporary revolution” that the people of the world needs before the end comes. Apart from the “Great Revolution” by the true antichrist as mentioned by Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 which will signal the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.