The Equation of Life: Defining Genesis

“Life is the product of our Faithfulness to God, cleansed with all Evil thoughts and deeds, wherewith pure Godliness segregates us from sins; and of our adherence and conviction to the moral teachings of the Bible, coupled with heartfelt Prayers for the Lord’s guidance; and raised to the power and divine teachings of His Son Jesus.”

The Equation of Life is my personal and humble attempt, not to translate nor literally interpret the entire chronicles of Genesis, but to “define” or uncover the less obvious messages of some of its highlighted stories.

I firmly believe that the events and characters in the stories of the Bible should NOT only be indulged in by their literal form. The stories may be responsible for the physical form of the Bible making it a unique book (i.e., stories of men as influenced by the Holy Spirit), but its strongest qualities making it a genuine Book of God’s Truth may still be partly hidden behind every word that is printed on it. Of course, most of the wisdom and teachings of God were already expressed in their simplest and clearest form to make us understand, but I think there are still more we can decipher from those already been expressed. The way a computer program is encoded using a common programming language, is similar to the way the stories of the Bible were encoded using the common language of man. But the stories of the Bible must be decoded first into a language comprehensible by the spirit so our spirits may function properly, just like the way computer programs must be decoded first into their machine language equivalent in order to make the computer work.

There are lots of divine messages God is exposing to us through the events that took place in the Bible, and some may not be easily noticed by mere browsing on and reading of their stories. To fully appreciate the power of the Holy Bible requires, first and foremost, the Holy Spirit of God to dwell in you, and a profound and sincere exploration of things, events and character portrayals found in the Book, and an establishment of their moral and practical applicability to our personal lives. Once we’ve taken hold of their meanings, we must let them govern our thoughts, works, and behaviors, because all the things that we think and do are the only determining factors on whether we have fully understood God’s every word.