Epistles of Larrimar

This, rest assured, is the reality: everything in life has its own purpose and every component of life has its own functioning which was pre-programmed and supposed to perform properly as intended by God, the Chief Architect. Although in ourselves we must make sure these components of ours will function well, through the methodologies written in the Manual of Faith, to avoid unexpected errors from occurring during each execution of the various applications of life. The errors we commit from each cycle of execution are the direct results of our failure to comply with His instructions as documented in the Manual. If wrong data are fed to a specific functionality of ours, we will not be able to prevent performance inaccuracies and the result is predictably ill, as what happens in a mathematical division when you input zero as the divisor. Very similar to life when supplied with improper guidance, the end result is corrupted living. This is the reason why our present world seems to revolve in a condition not necessarily like the way it should be, and unlike the way God designed it to be in the beginning of times; and our lives may or may not exist to the best of our likings, as what happened to Adam and Eve when they were driven out of paradise. Gladly, every time we restart and begin a new cycle through sincere repentance of our wrong done, as if we begin a new life! It gives us a chance to recover from our past erroneous ways, and straighten our crooked life if we must. Failure to do so will bring us back to the bottom of the pit, and depending on the time allotted for us to function well, we may not be able to recover again towards salvation, for that we will be booted out of the divine system embedded within the heaven and the earth.

This is my epistle of God’s love and forgiveness I am delivering to you…

If you have sinned against your brothers…

Then this is the moment to recall your sins and admit your wrongdoings before them. Approach them with your sincere heart and ask for their forgiveness, for nothing is more regretting and tormenting than forever holding on to your bitterness and losing the last chance of being forgiven. Fear not their retaliations, for you are not weak and mistaken by being honest and regretful. It is better to be avenged upon while holding on to your admission of fault, than remain silent and unscathed within the darkness of guilt. Be openhearted even if they are not, and remain steadfast in your submissiveness to sincerity. If they can not see the glow in the lamp of your docile reasoning, adorn them with benevolence and charm them with prayers for God’s blessings as your recompense. So that they will become conscious of the newborn importance you bequeath unto them, for they are as important as you finally realized you are to the merciful Father. Stare not at the luring appeal of bribery though as a means to appease their wrath, for it will only insult you with a scorching glare of deceit: your act becomes a simulation of foolishness, and their acceptance of it a dissimulation of trickery; friends you will become in treason, enemies you will be in trust. Keep in mind at all times: there is no honesty in bribery. If you owe them and you are unable to pay enough, make up for all that you can right away, and offer them a truthful vow to make up for the remaining as soon as you are able to. Then prove your truthfulness with your presence, for nothing is as truthful as being with them in person, and your efforts are more than enough to justify it. Let not distance confine your trustworthiness, for absence weakens trust the way falsity dampens enthusiasm. Forgiveness is the ultimate objective of this mission that you must gain control of. Measure candidly the gravity of your sins and the extent of their consequences, as if mapping down their territories where within hides the objective. Then gradually conquer them with the legion of your willingness to amend your faults, until they all succumb to the reality of human imperfections. Do not be defeated by their lack of concern; defend your stand from their indifference; and attack them with your persistence until all the remnants of their hatred dissipate and forgiveness is finally won.

If your brothers have sinned against you…

Here and now you must forgive and reconsider. It may not be easy to forgive and forget their trespasses, but it is no harder to remind yourself you are not in the place of God. So what is it in you better than God why you could not forgive like the way He does? Think about your own faults more than theirs, for if you weigh and focus more on your own errors then it will be easier for you to embrace humility and let go of self-importance. If hatred still clouds the vision of your leniency, pray that its heavy waters will fall down to your heart to quench the drought of your compassion; and let the drops of wet be absorbed by your veins of kindness. Hearken to their pleas, and let the voice of contrition shield your ears from the murmuring temptations of heartlessness. For its mumblings may serve your coffee in boldness, spiced up with unbending proclamation of your courage, but the caffeine of cowardice to give in will only hamper tranquility to satiate your mind. There is no dignity in pride, only in meekness; there is no honor in insensitivity, only in self-sacrifice. Perhaps, they have wrecked the ship of your calmness, yet they are not to be treated as foes. Otherwise they will treat you no differently, and reconcile will you never because enemies only destroy each other and not build each other up. Perhaps, the afflictions they caused are more than you can tolerate, yet you must remain forgiving and gentle as ever; as gentle as the tree of spring patiently waiting for winter snow to melt, because in its heart lives an undying expectation of a new leaf that is soon to sprout. Let not rage kindle your fire and burn down the last fortress of your forbearance. Because if you do, you will only attest to them the weakness of your grip and control of the situation, for that it will turn into a battle of unscrupulous conceit that will never reach an echelon to your satisfaction. A battle where neither of you will be the winner and the outcome will be none other than your friendship and brotherhood lost forever.

If your brothers have sinned against each other…

Then by the power of God you are being summoned to be the messenger of reconciliation, the emissary of compromise. You are being tasked to find the middle ground, where the bough separates from the trunk and the roots embrace the soil, in order to bring back life to a dying tree of friendship, to protect it, and spoil the locusts of hatred from devouring the crops of brotherhood. You must straighten the flexed bow and prevent the poisoned arrow from its release, otherwise the arrow of disagreements will penetrate and weaken the vital shield of their amities, and the poison will excrete the deadly dose of antagonism which will only prolong their inclination to dispute. Protect them not from each other’s weapons, instead persuade them to free up their hands of these panging tools, and convince them that it is not through bouts of arrogance that an accord can be formed, not through hurting each other, but only through self-abasement and hurting of one’s pride, as we have witnessed from all ancient wars. You are the negotiator of resolution, and a negotiator must be a fair and understanding witness to both sides’ arguments. Not because you are emotionally closer to one makes the other an adversary. Take note, what you are negotiating for is not whether one is right and the other is wrong. You must prove to them they are not competitors who struggle to win over the other, but simply players who appreciate not a competition but the spirit of the game alone. However, this is not a game of egotism but a fight to win back brotherhood, and no teams segregate them from each other for they were, and still are, one in friendship. Emphasize though that one has indeed acted in fallacy against the other that is why what is needed to win this game is simply the repentance of one and the acceptance by the other. But unlike real games where players must persist to prevail, in this game players must give up their egos to succeed. This may be difficult for you to handle, but let not hopelessness dissipate the strength of your embrace to their brotherhood settlement. You have been chosen as the deliverer of God’s Peace and this parcel has been due since the early beginnings of their squabble. But unlike the “Truce of God” of the middle ages which was only temporary in nature, this one is permanent. Hand carry it if you must for your presence will prove your eagerness to help out, and at that, may alleviate their predicaments sooner than you realized. This must you do, and must do unto them what Jesus had done to God and men.


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