Fear and Inspiration

Here’s a collection of wisdom which God poured upon me and allowed me to write for Him, during my contemplations and prayers. The truth of God’s wisdom is borne out of fear and inspiration: I fear God and I am inspired by God.

I don’t boast about the gift of wisdom my FATHER in heaven gave me, for it is carnal to boast, neither I speak about it because I have seen with my own two eyes: I speak confidently because of faith, and I believe entirely because of trust, and I love fully because of GOD who is love, whose love I feel in me.

We thought from the dictionary, WISDOM is just a word which means “understanding”. No wonder, so many men consider themselves to be wise, yet they are all fools in the eyes of GOD, for they don’t have the true and divine wisdom of the FATHER. No one has ever thought, until now, that Wisdom, just like us, is GOD’s creation, and has existed even before this world was created. Wisdom is not just working of the minds. Wisdom is a gift from GOD, a divine and precious gift, more precious than all the treasures of this world combined, sealed and handed over by GOD to HIS chosen ones, to make us understand HIS divine ways; taught and planted upon us by the Lord Jesus; prospered and nortured in us by the Holy Spirit.

Success in this life is enduring the intended trials and sufferings til the end and being with the FATHER in the next life. This world is a failure in the beginning, not because GOD failed but because GOD intended this to be, and so it will be in the end. Success comes with perfection, and perfection only exists in the next.

You could hurt my flesh with the sword of your truth, but I will pierce your soul with mine.

There are NO requirements in order to be saved. GOD decides our fate; in fact, our fate had already been sealed since the foundation of this world. Salvation is granted by HIS choosing. GOD works in those whom HE chooses to save through HIS mercy; HE leads us either to light or to darkness. There is nothing we can do but allow the WILL of the FATHER. You can not work your own salvation. The only thing we can do is learn HIS WORDS, in order to understand and accept our DESTINY. If you can not understand HIS WORDS, that’s because HE wants it so. But if you understand them, and accept them no matter how hard it is to accept, then blessed you are with HIS grace of wisdom. Only fools believe in free will because freedom of choice is what will lead you to damnation. GOD’s WILL is our only way, and the hardest way, to salvation through JESUS CHRIST’s doctrine of TRUTH.

Religion is not the issue for all the wickedness of this world. There are Chosen Ones in every religion there is, and they will know it once their time comes for them to be called by God. Crimes are committed not because of our differences in religion, but because of our differences in the spirit who resides within us. A muslim can kill another muslim, a catholic can abuse another catholic, a Christian can persecute another Christian. It is not their belief system that caused the offense, but the spirit that abides in them!

“God is love, yet God must be feared; for how can you fear God if you know not His love; and how can you love God if you know not what must be feared of Him?”

“There is nothing in this life that I can be most proud of, except the day the Lord enlightened me to be as one of His elect to receive the second life with Him.”

“If you do not trust and believe in God, there is no problem in that: for neither God believes in you!”

“Hear ye, o children of God, my brethrens in Christ Jesus, our Lord. Listen to my words, line up to mine offering. Seek ye first the Spirit of God, not in synagogues nor in churches built by men, but in thine hearts and minds. For if thou hast the Spirit of God wilt thou understand. The time hath come for God’s true children, though numbereth only in few, to come together for Jesus’ second coming, to worship Him and prepare thy journey towards heaven, while I stay for a while in annihilation of evil in this world.”

“If you fear Hell then you are doomed for it. But if you think Hell is only a word in the dictionary or you think you are within or are bound to paradise, still don’t get fooled by this world filled with so much lies, for the Book of Life will never ever lie; and neither you are within nor have already seen the real paradise: the new Heaven and the new Earth.”

“God created everything by His will and design. Nothing can change anything. However you want to change for the good, you can only do as much as how you define goodness. Only God can change you! It is unfortunate to say you have already been created, therefore, you are done!”

“Salvation from Hell is not and never will be determined by how much you love or believe in God, but it is determined ‘whether God loved you first’. Remember, those who are doomed to hell by their pride also believe in God.”

“No man who is rich in possession of material things, or he who desire so much of such, will go to heaven. But he who is rich in possession of the Holy Spirit, even without a single thing of this world, owns a name already written in the Book of Life.”

How God changed the face of the earth in a matter of seven days provides us a glimpse that only by following God’s ways can we change our lives even in a short period of time – be it seven days or seven hours. With His ways impossibility is never possible; God and His words are perennial.

Commitment of sin is a by-product of concession to temptation.

Oh God, my Almighty Poet!

Why hast thou scrawled a Poetry of Truth
from which man could not even weigh the air
it giveth, wherewith man breatheth to life?

Why hast thou moulded man’s heart to be
cruel as the rock of Wormwood, hence it
poureth not the blood of thine empathy?

Why hast thou conceived his mind out of cask
of ignorance, thereby it graspeth not even
the simplest complacency of thy reason for
his existence?

Oh God, why art thou so poetic in thy words,
thereby only those with thine Holy Spirit understand?

Knowing godliness is hypocrisy;
Understanding godliness is curiosity;
Applying godliness is sincerity.

The true measure of repentance in a person is the number of times one admits his fault. If one accepts never his guilt, repentance is nil. However, the more one pleads for forgiveness, then the more one does evil, therefore repentance, as well, is nil. For if one desires only goodness, forgiveness is unnecessary; but if one does more evil, forgiveness becomes futile and useless. Repentance is not a feeling of shame for a wrong done, neither it is an “oath” of transformation; it is making sure that a commitment of sin, when forgiven once, has, in itself, been favorable to one’s subsequent righteous deeds.

Life is the product of our Faithfulness to God, cleansed with all Evil thoughts and deeds, wherewith pure Godliness segregates us from sins; and of our adherence and conviction to the moral teachings of the Bible, coupled with heartfelt Prayers for the Lord’s guidance; and raised to the power and divine teachings of His Son Jesus.


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