Visions and Dreams

Banaue, Ifugao province. © 05.2011

12.23.2011: I dreamed I was walking in a narrow path and hundreds of bats flying all around me, as if pricking on me or telling me something, or welcoming me to join them.

I may have the blood of a rephaim, and with it a promise of immortality, secret and ancient knowledge, and vast material wealth. But I choose to remain mortal in this life and in this cursed world filled with so much evil, pains and sufferings. I’d rather be with the Lord in His Kingdom in Heaven with a surety, not just a promise, of an eternal life with God my Father and the Lord Jesus Christ as my mentor.

11.09.2011: Just right before this moment of my writing this, at exactly 7PM while looking up at the night sky, after my prayers to God of thanksgiving despite of all hardships in this life, a bright light slowly shone in the sky like an evening star growing ten times its normal size. And as soon as it grew that size it slowly faded again like a space craft drifting away from me.

11.8.2011: I dreamed about my friend Michael, a book or manual was handed to him, and he scanned the pages swiftly as a hurricane with his fingers and he seemed to have read the entire book in less than a minute. He blew the book with the air from his mouth and the book puffed into smoke, then vanished. Then I saw his fingernails turned pointed like that of a dragon, and his teeth were like of a lion, and he turned into a beast like none that I have seen on earth. All the people around me fled, and I was left alone, then he held his hands on my shoulder, but not hurt me. Then I awoke, but the following verses in Revelation was stuck in my memory for no reaons at all.

Rev. 9:8 – “And they had hair as as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the teeth of lions.”

Rev. 9:11 – “And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.”

11.1.2011: It was past midnight, first I saw a shooting star after my prayers with the Lord. And then a very unusual movement of the clouds in the sky right above me: two masses of clouds coming from opposite directions, east and west, blended together as one. The wind could never blow at the same time to drag those clouds from different directions, if it is not a work of a supreme being. A dear friend, ML, suggested it could mean two rivals came together as one to achieve a common goal.

10.31.2011: Today at around 7 PM, I have witnessed another angelic transport over the west side of the land. If the angelic host are preparing for the next angelic wars during the second coming of the Lord, then we too must prepare our souls for our righteous paths to heaven. Upon the arrival of the Lord Jesus, with Him bearing a new name which none knows yet, only the chosen ones will vanish in the face of the earth, and all unfortunate souls will be left behind, and will have the opportunity to witness and experience the wrath of God!

10.25.2011: I dreamed I was brought before a man who looked and dressed like Jesus. Around us stood a number of saints or angels dressed just like Him. The man reached out for my hands and embraced me. I simply uttered the words “I love you, Father.”

10.25.2011: For 3 straight nights prior to this day, I have been seeing shooting stars every time I looked up the sky and pray to the Father.

10.24.2011: I dreamed I held before me seven sets of documents. And I opened the first document and read it was in my local language which I understood well. But my friend Michael came and interrupted my reading, and with him is a lady in the mid-40s, looking at the documents I held on the table. We discussed instead about the possibility of her investing in my business, and she agreed. Then I awoke.

10.05.2011: I dreamed above me were full of clouds. Then the clouds bulged as if a giant ball rolled above them. Then the ball fell down from the clouds towards me, and floated right in front of me. It was a giant earth made of crystal as clear as glass, and there was no more a portion of water. It was the new earth that God has shown me. (Revelation 21). Then I awoke and went out to ponder on my dream. In the darkness of the sky of the early morning, I noticed the stars were larger than they normally are in the sky, and the fogs were floating and moving across the street like ghosts of departed ones.

09.27.2011: In the middle of the storm I saw a huge glowing red object falling slowly from the sky. It was larger than a shooting star and brighter than a light bulb. Michael told me it was a spacecraft transporting angelic weapons and parts.

08.2011: I dreamed of a war, watching from afar an ongoing battle between elements on air and on land. But it is not a battle that I saw which we are accustomed to, for neither weapon of the modern times nor of the middle ages were used. I saw flying elements, not of an aircraft or that kind, but they look like witches – much like in the movies I have seen. And some of these flying elements were falling down.